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      If you are here, you have managed to be one of many who research candidates seeking election. For this I want to say thank you! I don’t say this lightly, or randomly but with full sincerity because for too long we have gone with our voices muffled and ignored by those we have elected to represent us.

    I intend to bring the voice back to “We The People” and prove to those who have me elected that the people are the power behind this nation. Not by polite, or fancy words, but by my actions. I have a proven history of standing by what is right, and defending those who need a voice heard. While it may ruffle some feathers, and find some at odds with myself, I am fine with that as long as the right thing is being done. I am a man of my word, and I will not promise something I cannot deliver.

     With this introduction I invite you to further explore my page to learn some more about me, and what I intend to bring to the table. I have linked to our right on the home page my campaign Facebook page to keep access to current topics and discussions for your convenience. At any point you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I will assure you I will personally read all messages and reply quick as I can, and if needed we can schedule a time to talk face to face, or whichever method is best for you.

    Our page begins with our campaign’s purpose, to give you a chance to know why I am so desiccated to you, and what we as a whole want to bring to the individual, district, state and even to the nation as a whole.

      Moving from there I have my biography to give you a better idea who I am as an individual.  Regardless of what we do, at the end of the day, we are still someone with a background, and history. This is my brief chance to share that with you.

     Continuing on, in the Photo Gallery, I have posted testimonials from those who actually know me, and have dealt with me in a one on one setting. They know the true person who plans on representing you, and is only fair I let their voices be heard.   

    From there I have listed my thoughts on some issues I feel needed to be addressed, and those that have come up during my campaign. Many of these are discussed or will continue to be discussed on my Daily Discussion Post on Facebook, so I can have a positive exchange of views, ideas, concerns, and create an honest dialog with you. Please if there is a topic you would like discussed, don’t hesitate from asking.

    My contact is next across the top. The reason it is placed there is simple, I want you to have as many sources to reach to me as possible, but also so you can have a chance to review any content you may feel is important to you.

    While this campaign is from grass roots up, it began from the grass seed. It has the backing of my wife, children, and myself first and foremost… but in reality to continue forward, donations will be needed to assure we have the ability to properly reach as many people as possible. This is not a matter I take lightly which is why we funded as much as we could before asking. I cannot, and would not ask something from any of you, that I am unwilling to do myself. With this said each and every dollar will go directly to this campaign and beyond the standard public access, we are happy to explain how spending is/has been spent.

    While one of the best sources of help and volunteering we can use, is simply getting the word out and letting folks know they have a right to their voice being heard. Introduce them to my page, my site, or directly to myself. As this campaign progresses we will be doing donation events, taking request for and handing out yard signs, handing out flyers and cards, and working other areas to make sure people are not only getting to know us, but getting their voices heard. This would be your initial point of contact and way of letting us know what you would like to do, and us reaching out to you.

    One of the key things for a positive election is making sure your voices are heard. This is done directly through voting. This page will give you some general information, but more importantly direct lines of contact and links to assist you in all your concerns to assure everyone in properly able to vote, making their vote count bringing their voice forward in 2018.

    While I will have an events page, I am up in the air on what the best use would be. I initially would like to use it to list where I plan on being during the next few day so you can know. Currently I have done it a little out of fashion, if I have a scheduled meeting than I go around that area to talk with anyone that is avaible to speak, and leave my contact information for those I miss. On days I have no meeting I double check there is no messages for individuals wanting a discussion, and head out the door to a random area, marking down as I go.

    My intent is to meet with everyone, and as often as I can making this semi worthless… so why is it there I intend on putting it in my Direct Discussion Post in the near future and gain your feedback on what you would like to see there. I can use for what daily events are planned, local events and places I intend to be at, or directly events that are being hosted for speaking… which ever you feel best serves you, the people. Once we have that locked in this will better describe the event page.

   Additional key items are my Facebook and Twitter links. While I primarily use Facebook, because I want the best format to have open discussion and not limited how much one can put, twitter is there for those who want to correspond that way also. Much of what is there, is directly linked to the daily general review and direct discussions so you all have equal chance to be kept up to date.

    If there is anything I missed, or you feel should be here, please contact us, and we will see what we can do.

Vito For Congress committee.
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