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  • Being a voice for the people.


  • Address the out of control budget and spending.


  • Address taxes.


  • Job growth, and motivation for business ownership.


  • Address the failing state of the infrastructure system.


  • Veteran services and benefits.


  • Proper health care reform.


  • Corruption & Term Limits

Being a voice for the people

I intend on being that voice regardless of party, or push against what is best for both the people of Tennessee and this great nation.

Address the out of control budget and spending.

    We as everyday citizens are expected to handle our money, being income, bills, and taxes, pretty much everything we have not been seeing out of Washington DC. It seems this reality is not realized by those spending, with their hands in our pockets.

Address taxes.

    This reflects with spending, and should be established to benefit growth, instead of hardship. There are many options on how to fix the situation, but must begin with honest effort.

Job growth, and motivation for business ownership

    Between taxes, regulation after regulation, government fingers in private sector business, programs which forces businesses to move elsewhere we need a change. That change can start here, by encouraging business startups and established business growth through a variety of means to include rewarding local job placement and growth.

Address the failing state of the infrastructure system.

Beginning with roads, bridges, power grids, and other critical systems. Establish a positive system to advance and assure a secure infrastructure.

Veteran services and benefits.

Ask any veteran how they feel, and unfortunely you will have one of the most common set of answers one should never hear. As a veteran, I know and see the concerns first hand and intend to improve the problems facing our veterans, and returning service members.

Corruption & Term Limits

I often hear this as separate issues to be addressed. Unfortunately these are more tightly tied that we often are led to to believe. There are only one way to resolve this, and that is to address this head on. 

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Vito Sagliano is a retired member of the United States Navy. Use of Sagliano's military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.
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