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Being a voice for the people

    This may sound almost too simple, because for years we have accustomed to the double talk, lies, jokes, and the stereotypical politician. I am not, nor intend to be that stereotype.

    I have the personal integrity to bring the level of honesty and respect back to the office. I intend on being that voice regardless of party, or push against what is best for both the people of Tennessee and this great nation.

    My core values of honor, courage, and commitment will speak for me as I speak for those without a voice.

-         Honor, in knowing I am serving the people, bringing their voice back in their representation on the floors of congress, where and when it is needed.

-         Courage, in the face of adversity, and saying what needs to be said regardless if it is unpopular. Sometimes the hardest thing, is to be upfront and honest, but is something we need to happen again.

-         Commitment, to the people of my district, but also to all the people of Tennessee, and this nation as a whole. This nation was built on the individual having the power, and voice, not a nation of the corrupt.

    All voices will hold value regardless of party, wealth, race, or any factor one may feel is holding them back. We will establish a line of communication by:

-          I will retain an open line of communication through my offices for all general questions, comments, and criticism.

-         I will maintain scheduled dates and times through my offices for one on one response to individuals to assure I am personally available to the people.

-         I will work with local mayors and city officials to established town hall style discussion forums to open the floor to the general public.

-         I will maintain scheduled meetings with local figure heads and community leaders, to assure there is reliable feedback from within the community.

-         I will to the best of my ability (within law, and security requirements) post links to bills and other actions presented for the peoples feedback in a timely manner to research topics, and to allow proper discussion.

-         I will send regular mail outs and social media post to provide as much open access as possible (within law, and security requirements).

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Vito Sagliano is a retired member of the United States Navy. Use of Sagliano's military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.
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