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Address the out of control budget and spending.

    We as everyday citizens are expected to handle our money, being income, bills, and taxes, pretty much everything we have not been seeing out of Washington DC. It seems this reality is not realized by those spending, with their hands in our pockets like it is their own, or expected to be given.

    To properly resolve the issue at heart we have to address “Cuts” not getting an increase in not a cut, plain and simple. Then and only then can we open the table to discuss how much we have “in the bank” so we are not just handing out blank checks.

    The budget should be address by how much we have brought in via the previous year’s tax revenue, and based on priority spending after establishing a reserve surplus. This would allow agencies the monies needed to operate, and define their priorities with the funding they receive, promoting a positive spending environment with in agencies. With this remove the “use or lose “mentality engrained through agencies and departments, allowing money saved to be kept in special projects funding to be distributed and used by agencies/department discretion.

    This rolls directly into spending. Much of the government spending is based on expected increase, and the need to spend to get that increase. By promoting a positive spending environment, it will allow more control at the lower levels on what is priorities, feeding upward. This would allow a defined priority when requesting funds from federal budgets. While caps are important, the ability to be flexible is as important and should be built into the spending plans of the subordinate entities of the agencies and departments, unlike today where operating targets are placed stiffly with little room to improve spending habits or future planning. With a defined tax revenue, budgets should be defined as well, promoting improvements both in fiscal accountability, but also resource accountability. Much of the readiness resources limit extension of life on many levels, making the simple hard, and keeping the right tools out of the hands of the ones directly involved. 

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Vito Sagliano is a retired member of the United States Navy. Use of Sagliano's military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.
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